blue skies - landon pigg

orange shirt - discovery

let’s stay together - al green

green eyes- coldplay

golden veins - two door cinema club

old yellow bricks - arctic monkeys

green light - beyoncé

blue (da ba dee) - eiffel 65

*i’m so green - can

mellow yellow - donovan

rich kids blues - lykke li

orange crush - r.e.m.

green windows - fresh espresso

sir greendown - janelle monáe

colourless colour - la roux

black crow - greylag

don’t play purple guitars - tennis pro

golden haze - wild nothing

fly by II - blue

pink and blue - outkast

colours - calvin harris

don’t stop (color on the walls) - foster the people

a white demon love song - the killers

colours - grouplove

violet hill - coldplay

black (feat. norah jones) - danger mouse & daniele luppi

*requested song